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St. Marys has sponsored a thriving uniformed organisation for more than forty years. We are very fortunate to have thriving Guide Association and Scout Movement sections under the umbrella of St. Mary's Youth.

Our Youth sections meet once a week in the church halls and follow suggested programs set out by the Guide and Scout Movements. Every two years all the young people come together to take part in our Gangshow, Three performances over 3 days for parents, friends and supporters.

​Opposite is a list of meeting times and contacts for St. Mary's Youth, if you would like to join any of the St. Mary's Youth sections or just to find out more.

​Click here to read each sections Leaders reports to see what we do each term. 

Chairman: Mike Dykes

Secretary: Vacant

Minutes Secretary: Lucy Allen

Treasurer: Linda Hopkins

Group Scout Leader:



5.30pm Mondays

Nikki Fielding, Sam Bird



5.30pm Wednesdays


6.45pm Mondays

Emma Adams, Roisin O'Hara 


6.15pm Fridays

Bridget Donovan, Ruth Dykes



7.30pm Mondays

Dean Robinson, Alice Jackmen, Adam Tubbs, Alfie Bird 


8.30pm Mondays

Dave Barrett

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