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Fr Neil Nicholls -


Jean Thompson -

Andy Hirons -

PCC Secretary:

Maggie Isom - ​

Parish Administrator:

Pam Davies -


Ruth Dykes -

Organist & Director of Music:

Francis Eastwood -


Hall Secretary:

Rob Collins -

Child Protection Representatives:

Gill Buckenham -
Ruth Dykes -

Church Magazine Editor:​

Adam Dykes -

Our Parochial Church Council (PCC)


Our PCC is elected at the Annual Parochial Church Meeting
(APCM), usually held in April . Each member serves for three years.

The Minutes from the last meeting are available on the noticeboard in the church lobby or by contacting the PCC Secretary, Maggie Isom.


Our current PCC:



Fr Neil Nicholls 


Jean Thompson -            

Andy Hirons -                

Fiona Gregory

Mike Dykes  

Ruth Dykes                   

Rob Collins 

Betty Lillie 

Eric Seers

Pam Davies

Maggie Isom 

Emma Adams 

Michelle Mendoza

Cheryl Port 

Stacie George 


Deanery Synod Representatives:

Betty Lillie -                    

Fiona Gregory -              

Next PCC Meeting:  20th October 2022 
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