A Message from Fr. Neil

Welcome to St. Marys.


I am delighted to be able to announce that our Church is once more open for worship; we are celebrating Holy Communion again each Sunday morning at 10:00.

This service can be joined through both Zoom and our Facebook page.

We are of course following the guidance that governs public worship, but despite all the masks and visors it has been great to be ‘back home’


To start with, please be encouraged that St Mary's is not empty of prayer. Prayers are joined by as many of the church family at 1:00 pm every weekday: please set aside time at this hour as we daily pray together.

The Diocese is encouraging all Christian households to place a lighted candle in their front window each evening at seven o clock as a visible sign of the light of Christ. Just as when we pray, nothing never happens, every small action and gesture is worthwhile.

The Rule of Six

Please be reassured – Church services are exempt from the government’s new ‘rule of six’ regulation.

Services do not count as ‘social gatherings’ (!)

If you have any other ideas of what you might like to see here, please let me know, I can be contacted here: revneil@stmarythevirgin.net

Also if you need any help - of any kind we want to help you - if you or someone you know are able, please email us at help@stmarythevirgin.net.


Important Notice



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