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A Message from Fr. Neil

Welcome to St. Marys.

The regular service on Sundays will be at 10:00 am and we will continue to be on zoom for those who would like to join in worship at a distance.


We have our Wednesday morning service at 10:00 am.

As ever, please be encouraged that St Mary's is never empty of prayer. Prayers are joined by as many of the church family at 12:00 noon every week day: please set aside time at this hour as we daily pray together.


As always, if you have any other ideas of what you might like to see here, or have any boiler-fund-raising ideas please let me know. I can be contacted here:

Also if you need any help - of any kind we want to help you - if you or someone you know are able, please email us at

Equally, if you want to offer your services or ideas to help those in need in your local community, please contact us at the same address.

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Important Notice



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